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America’s most puzzling slang terms in 2022


Whether it’s overhearing a conversation or seeing it written online, it’s no surprise many current slang terms are puzzling for a lot of Americans. The most confusing terms differ across the US, but one thing is for certain, people are turning to Goo...

5 Lessons On How We Improved Productivity For Our Remote Team


Working remotely has been a major asset for our company. It lets us hire the best talent from around the world, and even paid off in dividends when we were expanding into onlines jigsaw puzzles. However, one of the major drawbacks we faced during th...

5 Steps We Took To Reduce our Bounce Rate by over 30%


One day, a family member told me that she loved playing jigsaw puzzles, but could never take her puzzles on the go with her. I told her I would look into it and see if there was a way to build an online jigsaw platform. After all, we had already bui...

See How We'll You'll Do On The SAT Today With Our Quiz


I'm a puzzle users are smart. After all, they are masters at solving jigsaw puzzles.  We also know that they love brain teasers and trivia questions. We wondered then, how well would our users score on a quiz that is similar to the SAT.  So...