If you like our landmark jigsaw puzzles, try our landmark quiz!

By Neal Taparia - 04/01/2022

At im-a-puzzle, we have thousands of users who love solving our online jigsaw puzzles. In particular, they love solving puzzles of landmarks. Whether it be bridges or castles or pyramids, it's always fun to solve a puzzle that represents a place you've been to or where you want to go.

Given all the jigsaw puzzles of landmarks that are played, we wanted to know how well our users can identify their local landmarks. So what did we do? We came up with a quiz that tests your knowledge of local landmarks!

We initially ran the quiz by 3,081 Americans, and the results were quite interesting. Among the insights that stood out - Only 7% of Illinois citizens could correctly identify the landmark not part of their state, compared to 80% of those from Connecticut. Try the quiz below to see how you do!

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