The happy winner of the “Create and share a Puzzle to win an Amazon Gift Card” giveaway is Yvonne Martinez. Congratulations! Try her puzzle out:

The winner of the Amazon Gift Card

Welcome to I’m a puzzle, a totally free jigsaw puzzle maker online. You can create as many puzzles as you like. You can make puzzles out of any picture. You can play your custom-made puzzles or share with your friends in all social medias. I’m a puzzle unique responsive design, […]

Jigsaw puzzle maker online

I’m a Puzzle is a free website that allows you to create your own puzzle games online. All you need is a picture! To open I’m a Puzzle just click on this link: https://im-a-puzzle.com You can create 4 types of puzzle games online: Classic, Hearts, Slide and Swap. The classic […]

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